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Original works

A creative studio and artists' workshop, AC Matière mural art was founded in 2003 by Caroline Perrin.

In working on different projects and with different clients, AC Matière has come up with a wide variety of decors, including a prototype for a luxury boutique, the artistic decor of a private apartment, a contemporary fresco for a head office, a piece of furniture, paintings for meeting rooms and different projects for luxury hotels worldwide.

AC Matière loves it when its ambitious projects, which are true artistic challenges, take its team to the four corners of the world. Managing the interior design for a new Dior boutique in Hong Kong remotely, creating a masterful grand décor for the staircase of the Chaumet boutique on Place Vendôme or for Cartier in Taipei, designing decorative panels for the Fred boutique in Shenzhen or the walls of Messika in Los Angeles, decorating an apartment in London or painting pictures for a hotel in Geneva - these are just some of the challenges that AC Matière has taken on in recent months.

Drawing on her experience working with leading luxury brands, AC Matière designer Caroline Perrin continues to explore the paths that lead to the creation of exceptional murals. With the help of her team, she creates sophisticated, exclusive, demanding and original materials and works, which she dreams up especially for each customer.

AC Matière's creations blur the boundaries between craft and art and between decoration and murals. Designed with passion and enthusiasm, they bring to each place they decorate the tiniest quiver in space and a little extra soul.

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