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Caroline Perrin 

Born to travel, Caroline Perrin has always loved journeys and being on the move. Overflowing with joyful energy, she loves to dance, run and tour around the world as well as working with her hands in the studio.

Many places have shaped her: New Hampshire, where she was born, New York, the city where she discovered architecture, modern art and jazz at an early age and London, where she learned the frenetic, demanding rhythm of the trading floor. These are cities where anything is possible and which taught her to love audacity, challenges and ambition.


After ten years in finance, she returned to Paris and founded AC Matière in 2003, uniting her desire for independence and her passion for art and architecture. Having obtained her pilot's license the same year, she flew over the most beautiful places in the world. The sky is her favorite element, and remains her primary source of inspiration to this day.

With AC Matière, she continues to travel for projects that send her and her team to the ends of the earth: Taipei, Madagascar, New Delhi, Libreville, Dubai, Mauritius, Los Angeles and Miami, to name but a few.

Under the influence of her encounters with architects and art directors, Caroline Perrin is still exploring new forms of expression in decorative art, and now also produces murals and paintings in the name of AC Matière.

She is also the author of two reference books, Matières d'exception and Matières et savoir-faire d'exception, published by Editions Vial, in which she highlights the skills of the world's finest designers and craftspeople.

Caroline Perrin in fews dates


Born in 1970

Graduated from EDHEC business school in 1993

Founded AC Matière in 2003

Matières d'exception published in 2011

Matières et savoir-faire d'exception published in 2016

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