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Attention to detail

Luxury is hidden in details which are not immediately obvious at first glance. It's restrained, subtle, and often unobtrusive. But it's an infinite source of joy when discovered. It's in the details that the delicacy, sophistication and elegance of a composition or the quality of a finish are expressed.

This attention to detail has been elevated to an art form at AC Matière. The studio's artists are just as comfortable with large-scale sites, at the top of a 15-meter scaffold or at the bottom of a 40-meter long wall, as they are with decorating small pieces of furniture or working on models that will later be mass-produced by ceramic or wallpaper manufacturers. Whichever way you look at it, from nearby or from afar, as a whole or in close-up, each decor can be interpreted in several different ways, which coexist and contribute to its richness.


From the outset, the studio's expertise has been in creating texture using stucco and different kinds of plaster. Here's a selection of close-ups of exclusive pieces. Vigorous, luxurious, aesthetic, tactile and tangible, the materials created by AC Matière take the decors they adorn to a whole new level. Each one is unique: the colors, scale, graphics and degree of texture can be adapted. These images should thus be seen as a source of inspiration and a starting point for thinking up new customized materials.

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