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A exceptional team

The AC Matière team is made up of independent artists with a wide range of backgrounds, who trained in the decorative arts at prestigious institutions such as the Van Der Kelen school in Brussels or the Beaux-Arts de Paris... They are particularly proficient in the art of gilding, patina, plaster, drawing and color. In many cases, they have practiced or are still practicing other trades – as engravers, painters, architects, cabinetmakers, lacquerers etc. – and all these types of expertise enrich the studio's projects.

Some team members have been there from the start, while others left to explore other horizons, only to return depending on their availability and the nature of new projects. Whether adventurers or incorrigible Parisians, they are all insatiably curious and eager to take on new challenges to practice their art, be they in faraway lands or at the studio in France's capital city.

team_AC material.jpg

They make an exceptional team, a locus of assertive personalities and freedom-focused artists that Caroline Perrin is proud to have gathered together and united around a single project. AC Matière provides a space where everyone can find their niche, working together to create unique works of art specially designed for each client. Their talents combine and interact. Each individual's passions feed the collective flame.

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