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Technical excellence

AC Matière mural art studio is renowned for the quality of its workmanship and its mastery of the classic techniques of decorative painting, gilding, patinas and plastering.

Repeated contact with the best architects, designers and art directors working with luxury brands and architectural firms has shaped the studio's gaze and taught all who work there to strive for excellence in every situation.

Today, years of experience, testing and research are applied to the projects entrusted to the studio by its clients. The founder's curiosity and enjoyment of technical challenges, as well as her constant quest for new tools and inventive processes and her openness to other ways of doing things, also enrich the process.

Technical excellence, combined with architects' ingenuity, has led the AC Matière mural art studio to complete some extremely ambitious projects.

"An ordinary material, if treated with the same care as something precious and worked on by talented artists, can become just as sophisticated and luxurious. But it is above all the passion between the artist and their chosen medium that will make the raw material beautiful and the architect's exacting eye that will make the whole thing exceptional". Caroline Perrin in Matières et Savoir-faire d'exception.

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