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The works produced by the AC Matière mural art studio reveal the extraordinary variety of inspirations and influences that come together here. Private customers, luxury brands, architects and galleries have each contributed their own wishes, desires and experiences. Whether freely inspired pieces or commissions, each work is the fruit of these encounters and desires.

Over the years, the studio's artistic vocation has grown stronger and the artists have been given ever greater freedom. Their collaborative works are characterized by a blend of energy, boldness and balance. Touches of gold are often present in varying degrees of intensity, imparting radiance and light.

In her personal work, Caroline Perrin is constantly exploring new forms of expression. Her aim is to convey joyful, positive and inspiring emotions. Using different kinds of plaster and large formats, she gives free rein to gestures and to the fluid movement of the hand and the whole body. She has thrown herself into transcribing this form of momentum and capturing the spontaneity of the moment.

Today, Caroline Perrin creates murals and large-scale paintings, often working alongside the artist Anne Lopez.

Anne Lopez & Caroline Perrin, a partnership

Anne Lopez joined AC Matière in 2015 after studying at the Beaux-Arts de Paris and the École d'art mural de Versailles. Since it was clear from the start that they shared the same artistic sensibility, a true partnership was soon formed with Caroline Perrin. Through ongoing dialogue and by comparing their different perspectives - Anne's sense of detail and composition as well as her drawing skills, Caroline's energy and her knowledge of materials and gesture in large-scale formats – they have been able to bring their bond to bear on the projects they have worked on with AC Matière. Their alliance, founded on trust, complementarity and the mastery of their respective talents, has helped them to create a variety of collective pieces as part of a number of large-scale projects.

At the same time, Anne Lopez has continued to develop her work as an artist, which she defines as a "creating universes", through the commissions she has completed at her studio in the M1D building.

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