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Creativity and imagination

© Anne lopez - dessins pour Ac matière

Each project is unique. Whether she is working on the concept for a new boutique, a mural or a painting, Caroline Perrin goes back to the source, drawing on her imagination to design something fresh, original and unique.

Searching for the right tone, developing new concepts and finding original solutions to problems is what interests her. She likes to think outside the box, doesn't often give in to trends, and prefers whimsy to fashion. Her creativity is nourished by her spontaneity, her lust for life and her free, playful spirit, untrammelled by any academic constraints.

The remarkable dialogue it has established over time with art directors, decorators and architects also explains AC Matière's inventiveness. The worlds of the leading luxury brands are infinitely rich, teeming with forgotten marvels, and have led the studio to discover unknown and fertile lands.

When client briefs are well thought-out, complex and inspiring, they naturally impel us to outdo ourselves. They give rise to new, unsuspected desires and encourage a form of ingenuity that's both unexpected and fun, releasing a great deal of creative energy. One person's talent strengthens another's. We react to each other's viewpoints. Intentions become clearer and our initial ideas take shape. The architects' demanding yet benevolent eye does the rest, cutting to the quick to leave only what's essential, absolutely unique and utterly new.

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